Introduction COMPANY

In the beginning the company started producing and manufacturing kitchen equipment made of stainless steel. Nevertheless, after we made some big capacity water boiler, the company decided to diversify to producing vessels and tanks such as Pressure Vessel, Storage Tanks, Mixer Tanks, Silo tanks, Transportation tanks from small to large capacity. As we have dealt with a lot of kind of clients, from local Indonesian companies, until international companies, we have become mature in our own field. We have been receiving orders from Oil and Gas companies, Coal Mining companies, Gold Mining companies, and recently we have received from the well-known companies. Also we accomplished Power Plant Project around Indonesia to build Fuel storage system and water treatment plant.

The company conducts most of work with our own employees rather than with subcontractors. By relying primarily on our own work force, the company can better assure that customers receive the quality of workmanship that costumers deserve. All personnel are trained, experienced, and are provided with every necessary piece of equipment, including large air compressors, welding machines, bulk blasting pots, spray equipment, power staging, roll machines, bending machines, cutting machines, safety equipment, etcetera. Our tanks are manufactured with careful attention to detail to meet ASME, API, AWWA standards and procedures for materials, dimensions, and strength. Customers will get a trouble-free tank with minor

maintenance that will give you decades of service. All of tanks are guaranteed. Should problems arise, we will come back to make necessary repairs. The company stands behind all of our products.